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Raw, entertaining and informative conversations about polyamory, minimalism, full-time traveling with kids, trauma/healing, growth, sex, plant medicine and more!! Hosted by Megan and Marty Bhatia, Kyle Henry and friends.


What is Energetic Freedom? | Episode 20

In this episode of Amory, Kyle shares his ideas about energetic freedom, chosing himself, all [...]

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Polyamory in Times of Uncertainty | Episode 19

Ok, we're not in the apocalypse...but these are some crazy times to be living through. [...]

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Coming Out…A Perpetual Conversation | Episode 18

It takes a lot of courage to share your relationship status as polyamorous, in a [...]

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The Metamour Relationship (Your partner’s partner) | Episode 17

In this episode of Amory we discuss the importance of the Metamour Relationship through Marty [...]

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Afraid to Communicate Your Needs and Wants? | Episode 16

No matter what your current relationship structure, having the courage to bring up a conversation [...]

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Public Service Announcement | Stop & Repair Clause (ad free BONUS Episode)

This short podcast is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for our community. It's inspired by [...]

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Thriving Through “Solo Time” | Episode 15

Part of being polyamorous is experiencing your own solo time when your partner(s) are with [...]

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Lessons from a Polyamorous Life 2019 (part 2) – Marty and Megan | Episode 14

As we wrap up 2019 and head into a beautiful new year, Marty and I [...]

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Lessons from a Polyamorous Life 2019 (part 1) – Kyle and Megan | Episode 13

As we wrap up 2019 and head into a beautiful new year, Kyle and I [...]

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Our European “Polycule” Adventures! | Episode 12

The Amory crew starts to understand what it means to be in a "Polycule" as [...]

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Kyle and Megan – Exploring Power in a Polyamorous Relationship | Episode 11

In this episode Kyle and Megan are wrapping up 4 days together in Maastrict, the [...]

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What Amory is to Marty – Short Episode | Episode 10

In this Amory short episode, Marty shares vulnerably about what Amory means to him. It [...]

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What Amory is to Kyle – Short Episode | Episode 9

Kyle's lens to the world is trauma and this is a platform to learn and [...]

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What Amory Is to Megan – Short Episode | Episode 8

After launching Amory and 7 raw episodes, we thought it was a good time to [...]

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Almost the End of a Marriage & a Promise to Recommit | Episode 7

In this episode Megan comes clean to the listeners in a conversation with Marty about [...]

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The Power of Tribe with Megan, Marty & Kyle | Episode 6

In this episode of Amory, we talk about the "Power of the Tribe". Some of [...]

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Marty and Kyle Discuss Toxic vs. Healthy Masculinity | Episode 5

What does it mean to be masculine? Why is it important to address toxic masculinity? [...]

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Marty’s Story – Depression | Body Transformation | Dismantling Jealousy & Partnership | Episode 4

In this episode of Amory, I'm so excited to "interview" Marty. We've been married 15 [...]

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Kyle’s Story – Trauma and Healing Through Love | Episode 3

Kyle and Megan discuss... Kyle's past trauma and healing through love, Insecurities of sharing partners, [...]

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Working Through Fear of Abandonment & Major Insecurities | Episode 2

Megan, Marty & Kyle talk about major insecurities like the fear of abandonment as they [...]

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Changing Communication

What a raw conversation about love, life, partnership and all emotions that come along with it. Beautiful vulnerability that provokes an open minded approach to finding happiness in the most unexpected of places if only we take down the barriers we have built. This podcast changed the way my husband and I communicate and has allowed intimacy to return. Beautifully done you three.

Woah. Things are changing

This is the stuff we need as we move into these new times where escaping cultural norms is the norm!

Bold, authentic and raw

Amory is a celebration of love, self-discovery, and having the courage to seek out and live life to the fullest. Megan’s bold, authentic and sometimes raw account of her pathway to a new polyamorous identity grabbed ahold of me from the first episode. The story weaves in perspectives of her husband AND boyfriend, as well other lovers, friends, family and members of their affectionately named Tribe. Although I’ve known Megan and Marty for years, I’ve never felt more connected to their story and their vulnerable display of their truth until after I began following along on this journey. The episodes have been funny, moving and thought-provoking. Whether you identify as polyamorous or not, this podcast serves to inspire, challenge and enticingly encourage anyone who listens to embrace themselves wholly and the boundless opportunities of love in the world we inhabit.

Amory Philosophy

by Megan Bhatia

It’s all about a better conversation in the world. It’s not about answers, but rather a better inquiry as to what it means to relate to one another. The idea is simply to lead with vulnerable conversations as authentically as possible shared with the world to help others speak their truth and relate.

Meet the Amorys

Megan, Marty, and Kyle are 3/4 of the current polycule. That is to say we are the one’s that are out as polyamorous. As some of you may be experiencing yourselves not all of us are out. Not everyone can be. The three of us are the current hosts of the podcast. We hope to be a voice for those who can’t tell their story. We simply aim to normalize the journey into loving how we see fit. Love is love and we hope that our audience simply gains something from us sharing our journey as authentically as we can. 

Megan Bhatia Amory Podcast Host Picture

Host & Creator

Megan Bhatia

Co-host & Partner of Megan’s (Husband)

Marty Bhatia

Co-host & Megan’s Partner

Kyle Henry



Megan, Marty, and Kyle are a polyv meaning that Megan and Marty are in a relationship together, Megan and Kyle are in a relationship together, and Marty and Kyle are simply friends. Marty has another partner that is not “out” so she’s anonymous. 


Megan and Marty talk about parenting as poly parents. What do the kids feel and think? We talk about how easy it actually is when love is at the core of how you relate to others.

sex & Love

Of course, everyone wants to know about sex and love so everyone on the podcast shares vulnerably and honestly. It’s a challenge for some of us, but it is a good challenge.

Communicating with your partner

Communication is a fundamental axiom of our belief system. It must be fair, honest, respectful, transparent, and supportive. Nothing is hidden and everything gets talked about. The podcast is simply the conversation for others to learn from and relate to.

facing Insecurities

Marty calls these hidden dragons. He talks about Dragon slaying a lot. We believe polyamory is an accelerator of learning and growth when done ethically. We face our insecurities on our podcast and sometimes in real time. 

life as minimalists

Our lifestyle is certainly different as we are in the poly community. But, we’re also world travelers and minimalists. These principles are carried through to how we relate to each other and the world. It’s a big part of clearing the noise, being sustainable and aligns with our other practices.