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Raw, entertaining and informative conversations about polyamory, minimalism, full-time traveling with kids, trauma/healing, growth, sex and more!! Hosted by Megan and Marty Bhatia, Kyle Henry and friends.

Meet the hosts (our polycule)

Megan, Marty, and Kyle are 3/4 of the current polycule. That is to say we are the one’s that are out as polyamorous. As some of you may be experiencing yourselves not all of us are out. Not everyone can be. The three of us are the current hosts of the podcast. We hope to be a voice for those who can’t tell their story. We simply aim to normalize the journey into loving how we see fit. Love is love and we hope that our audience simply gains something from us sharing our journey as authentically as we can. 

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Megan Bhatia


Marty Bhatia


Kyle Henry

About Megan

Our primary host and the creator of Amory, Megan is an orator by education and by trade. She’s traveled the world and been a speaker at conventions, conferences, and special events. As a professional facilitator she has worked on subjects like courageous leadership with fortune 500 companies. She has a degree in communication, and learned French and Spanish in her time studying abroad. 

Marty says he fell in love with her at university in a lecture when she presented in front of class. He heard her voice before he saw her and fell in love instantly. 

Megan’s ikigai is helping people relate better. She finds it to be a reflective journey as she shares her own experiences of the challenges of changing how you relate to people, things, and herself. 

Megan is married to Marty though she calls him his partner as they are challenging the system of marriage. Kyle is Megan’s partner and other love. She tells her story from the perspective of a woman breaking out of monogamy with a healthy supporting relationship as a mother and entrepreneur. Her journey has been intense, powerful, and rewarding.  

About Marty

A co-host of Amory Podcast and the married partner to Megan. Marty also has an education in communication as a public speaker, Toastmaster member, and a pitch coach for entrepreneurs presenting their brilliant ideas. He has a deep study in language, speaking, the Hero’s Journey story framework, and etymology. Basically, he likes to talk and very rarely shuts the fuck up. 

Marty’s ikigai is about helping people shatter their current confined world to find their inner power and strength. He is teaching people how to engage life with a focus on personal mastery that has a byproduct of sustainable practices. 

He’s an opinionated foul mouth advocate for society and the environment. He pulls no punches in life and on the podcast.  His journey is to help. His life is full of experiences from the crazy to the amazing, and he leverages what he’s learned along the way to help others. He’s passionate and a bit crazy.

Marty is married to Megan and best friends with Kyle. Marty has a partner from South America that he can’t really talk about because she’s not out. He talks about the challenges of that circumstance, long distance relating, and the experience of allowing his marriage to open up for the benefit of Megan’s heart. He’s a big lover with a big heart. Don’t let his foul mouth fool you. Deep down he’s sensitive and loving.

About Kyle

A co-host of the Amory Podcast and the partner of Megan’s while being a best friend of Marty as well. Kyle has broken free of many standard paradigms of being an educated white male from Chicago, and uses his experience to help others  learn to be better men. He’s worked on Wall Street, helped entrepreneurs with their start-ups, and has taken those experiences and found a new lens to see life through. The contrast is his weapon of influence.

Kyle’s ikigai is all about healing. From his past experiences of social norms, the toxic environment of Wall Street, and several heavy trauma,  he has found many new modalities of healing. On his journey he discovered his passion for helping others take their health and wellbeing into their own hands.

While he grows on Amory, Kyle is developing The Healing Projects to help others find the right set of healing modalities for them. He’s taken workshops and courses created by Wim Hof and Laird Hamilton for breathwork, is an avid yoga practitioner, loves nature bathing, and movement. He loves ice baths and jumping into the cold water wherever he can find it. Just follow him on his Instagram account to get a taste of what it’s like to live well with Kyle.

Kyle brings his big heart to Amory. He’s teaching us compassion and sharing openly about his journey falling in love with Megan. And, telling his story of what it is like to go from years of the dating life, to his partnership with Megan that has brought him into a family with two kids. It hasn’t been a linear journey and has required a lot of leveling up. He’s been up for the challenge and has grown tremendously. He has supported much of our audience through being an example of the change he wishes to see in the world.

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