Almost the End of a Marriage & a Promise to Recommit | Episode 7

In this episode Megan comes clean to the listeners in a conversation with Marty about how she nearly sabotaged their marriage. This was a really hard episode for Megan to record. She will reveal her patterns of denial, some atrocious behavior, and what she’s working on right now to make her relationship with Marty (and others) stronger.  Marty’s part is to tell the story of his experience in the breakdown, and what led him to present Megan with “change the behavior or expect divorce.” It was a hard couple of weeks leading up to this chat.  Megan and Marty will give some advice from each of their perspectives, and discuss how having an open marriage with their tribe of support is a big part in what saved them from total disaster in their marriage. Megan will go into detail about her patterns and what she’s doing to undo those patterns. Marty discusses who you must be for your partner to support change even when you are still in a grieving process and your gut reaction is to retaliate.  The conversation ends with a set of commitments for now and into the future. 

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