Ready to create the relationship structure that works for YOU?

Missing something...but don't know what?

You’re not alone! Many people around the world are starting to question the scripts of life we’ve been handed. 

It can feel really unsettling to question monogamy.

And yet, perhaps you feel a sense of exhileration and delight at the thought that there’s something more out there to be discovered, lived and embodied! 

Welcome to the personal exploration of relationship structures. 

It’s a wild journey. 

You, and you alone, are responsible for your path. We are happy to share our story, our learnings, and our community along the way. 

We’re so grateful you’re here.

Ok, now what?

As you start actively questionning the paradigm of relationships, you’ll be drawn to new information and new experiences. 

Regardless of how you begin, you may be faced with fear and uncertainty. That’s normal. 

It’s a whole new world, afterall, and re-orienting yourself takes time and effort. And…it’s work well-worth doing! 

We know from first hand experience that having helpful resources and an understanding community make all of the difference on the path of open relating. 


Something for everyone…

Just starting out? 
– Check out Amory Podcast 

Are you or a partner confronted with feelings of jealousy? 
– Step into Transforming Jealousy

Have you realized that all relationships stem from the one you have with yourself? 
– Time to prioritize yourself through a Self-Love Journey (online or virtual group experience) 

Want to connect with Community? 
– Join The Conversation!


Megan Bhatia - Meet the mentor

Megan Bhatia is facilitating a conversation in the world that aligns people with themselves through practices of self love, and transformation of mind, body, heart, and soul.

It Started with Amory Podcast

We (Marty, Megan and Kyle) had no way of knowing the impact we were making by recording Amory Podcast. 

Two years ago, the podcast started as a way for us to process our own experiences, mistakes and learnings through open-relating.

Now we realize that by sharing our story this way, we’ve become a becon for other relational trail-blazers from around the world.

We’re so honored to be connected to all of you!!

It All Starts Here | Episode 1

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What's Possible?

Step into your power with self-love

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The Community

Done with outdated social scripts

Building a new vision for the future with love at the core

Doing the Work

Group Discussion


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LOVE Expanded: Austin

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Consider yourself a Paradigm-Breaker!

The Rewards

It All Starts with a Little Love

Join the community and be the beam of light that is the antidote the world needs!