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Polyamory in Times of Uncertainty | Episode 19

Ok, we’re not in the apocalypse…but these are some crazy times to be living through. In this episode, Kyle talks through the decision of whether to stay with Megan and Marty in New Zealand, or to head back to the US to be with his family. We ask the question – Are people practicing polyamory more equipt in times of change?

Coming Out…A Perpetual Conversation | Episode 18

It takes a lot of courage to share your relationship status as polyamorous, in a world where monogamy is still the “norm”. We recorded this episode so you could hear our own personal challenges of the “coming out” or “sharing your truth” process…and support you wherever you are in your poly journey.

The Metamour Relationship (Your partner’s partner) | Episode 17

In this episode of Amory we discuss the importance of the Metamour Relationship through Marty and Kyle’s eyes. They have come a long way over the last two years, and now see the critical role they play in each other’s lives. From jealousy and competition, to full love and support, this metamour relationship has become a pivitol one for growth.

Public Service Announcement | Stop & Repair Clause (ad free BONUS Episode)

This short podcast is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for our community. It’s inspired by a conversation Marty has had with a member of another polycule that is very close to ours. This is about a clause in Megan & Marty’s relationship agreement that has helped them successfully navigate opening their relationship. It now includes Kyle and Marty’s partner as they have grown to a loving polycule and metamors are included.

Thriving Through “Solo Time” | Episode 15

Part of being polyamorous is experiencing your own solo time when your partner(s) are with their Other Significant Others (OSO’s). In this episode, Megan talks about how she grew through the “solo time” over the last two years…while at the recording of this episode both Marty and Kyle are with their other partners, continents away.

Lessons from a Polyamorous Life 2019 (part 2) – Marty and Megan | Episode 14

As we wrap up 2019 and head into a beautiful new year, Marty and I reflect on what we’ve learned separately and together in 2019. We hope as you listen to this episode that you think about your year and dream about your relationships in the year to come! Thank you all for listening and […]

Our European “Polycule” Adventures! | Episode 12

The Amory crew starts to understand what it means to be in a “Polycule” as they travel around Europe. This conversation covers a lot of ground: breaking down and rebuilding identities, importance of creating a safe space for ourselves, parenting, and visions of the future…which include an “Amory 2020 – Love Around the World Tour”!

Kyle and Megan – Exploring Power in a Polyamorous Relationship | Episode 11

In this episode Kyle and Megan are wrapping up 4 days together in Maastrict, the Netherlands…and about to spend a month traveling around Europe!   We really dig into what power is to us, and discuss:  – Brene Brown and the Power of Vulnerability– Kyle’s perspective of Power and Value– How to re-empower yourself by rewriting your […]