Kyle and Megan – Exploring Power in a Polyamorous Relationship | Episode 11

In this episode Kyle and Megan are wrapping up 4 days together in Maastrict, the Netherlands…and about to spend a month traveling around Europe!  

We really dig into what power is to us, and discuss: 

– Brene Brown and the Power of Vulnerability
– Kyle’s perspective of Power and Value
– How to re-empower yourself by rewriting your past stories,  and we used a process that our very own Marty Bhatia has taught us…surprise, surprise…it involves post-it notes:) Check out to learn more. 
– You’ll also hear about Kyle’s mishap with an insanely spicy sauce, courtesy of our friends at With Love Burrito, Maastrict. Thanks guys!  

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If you want more of Megan & Marty’s travel adventures, check out Megan’s YouTube channel as well! There’s more videos each week as Marty (the tech guy) finally gets their channel set up. See what it’s like for them as they sold everything to become minimalists, and set off to wander the world with their twins and four suitcases worth of stuff to their name