Lessons from a Polyamorous Life 2019 (part 2) – Marty and Megan | Episode 14

As we wrap up 2019 and head into a beautiful new year, Marty and I reflect on what we’ve learned separately and together in 2019. We hope as you listen to this episode that you think about your year and dream about your relationships in the year to come!

Thank you all for listening and connecting with us this year! You have made it such a memorable year for us, and we are looking forward to bringing you even more in 2020!

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Kyle | http://bit.ly/2IvkFZR

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If you want more of Megan & Marty’s travel adventures, check out Megan’s YouTube channel as well! There’s more videos each week as Marty (the tech guy) finally gets their channel set up. See what it’s like for them as they sold everything to become minimalists, and set off to wander the world with their twins and four suitcases worth of stuff to their name

84 thoughts on “Lessons from a Polyamorous Life 2019 (part 2) – Marty and Megan | Episode 14

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