BONUS: Boundaries 101

What are boundaries?? Why do they feel so elusive, and hard to implement?

  • Boundaries are not rules and not used to control others.
  • Boundaries and not punitive towards yourself or others.
  • Boundaries are the tool you use to manage and become fully accountable for your own physical body, and the use of your energy/time/attention.
  • Boundaries are VERY empowering! It can feel like a reclamation of personal power! They can feel reaffirming and loving!

    Sometimes you made need stronger boundaries when you are first starting, and then you can shift them as you begin to trust yourself and where you put your time/energy/attention.

    Questions to become more aware of your own personal boundaries (or lack thereof):
    * Where do I want to put my physical body?

    * What people do I want to spend time with (or not)? * Where do I want to use my energy?
    * What do I want to do with my attention/focus? – Where am I giving my attention/focus/energy/time/etc and not receiving something back? (where am I feeling drained?)
    * Where am I feeling resentful, blaming, judging, or angry?
    * How can I use a boundary to create a better relationship with that person?

Boundaries are in the SERVICE of love, not used to block love. 

You use boundaries as an act of self-love…being accountable for your own energy and well-being. 

And, you use boundaries in order to create the distance YOU need to have a healthy relationship with people in your lives.