The Practice of Self-Love

Thank you so much for saying YES to yourself!!! 

Taking 30 minutes out of your day to watch this workshop IS an act of Self-Love!!! 

Remember, what you’re about to learn is a practice. You are starting at the perfect time, and you’ll receive what you’re ready to receive. 

The video above goes through self-love practices for your body, heart, mind & spirit. 

The separate “lessons” that follow are a portion of this video and the practice outlined so you can work on them one at a time. Remember, this is a practice and will take some time to develop into habits. 

If you are looking for more support in the relationship with yourself, here are a few more ways to do that: 

1) Join the 6 month Self-Love Journey!  Limited to a group of 8 people at a time, we meet every other week to discuss practices, challenges and successes. On-going support and connection is provided in a WhatsApp group, and access to the Self-Love online course. 

2) Get access to the full Self-Love Online course: If self-study is your thing, this one is for you! We go deep into each aspect of Self-Love: Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit through dozens of audio recordings, guided meditations, and additional resources. 

3) One-on-one support – Personalized support for you, exactly where you are at in life. 

Looking to deepen your practice? 

Virtual Small Group Experience 

“I had absolutely no idea what a profound transition this journey would enable me to do. I’ve been overwhelmed by the way the undercurrents of my love relationship with myself and others have been released through reflection, understanding and creating within this amazing framework of a Loving Journey in every sense of the word. I am in awe of Megan, the other participants, and of myself. I simply cannot recommend this group journey strongly enough!”

– Sarah 

Self-Study online course 

You will receive: 
– Dozens of short audio recordings, taking the process step by step
– Practical Resources – videos, books, articles 
– Every day Practices so you can make self-love an embodied habit

(The online course is included in the 6 month small group course) 

Whether you currently feel stuck, want a friendly ear to listen, or seek an outside 3rd party perspective, scheduling a 60 minute call with Megan might be just the conversation you need to shift you into a new thought, energy or action.

I leave every conversation feeling seen, supported, more connected to myself, and better equipped to move forward in my life with intention. I am grateful to work with Megan and find the experience to be a better fit and more rewarding for me than traditional therapy.”   –Tristan- 

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