A safe, facilitated experience to explore...

Whether you are putting yourself out in the world through a dating app, or in real life in your day to day interactions with others, we all can be confronted with fear of rejection or feelings of not being “good enough”. 

LOVE EXPANDED is 1-day Workshop designed to be a safe space to explore topics like self-acceptance, different relationship structures and communication skills in a group of fellow seekers. When we come together in authentic conversation, and shared intention, we can create magical moments of healing and growth. 

You are invited to join group facilitator Megan Bhatia, along with special guests, to expand love for yourself and others in new and radical ways. Everyone is welcome – any gender, sexual orientation, and relationship structure!


When you can fully accept yourself how you are, and how you aren't, you unlock a whole new level of love for yourself and others. 


Connecting with others can be so much easier when you can use loving boundaries and communicate what it is that you need and want from the relationship. 


Find the freedom to explore yourself in relationship structures from monogamy to polyamory and everything in between! 


July 10th, 9:30am – 2pm 

Yoga Loft River North, Chicago 

With Special Guest Kyle Henry  


July 30th, 9:30am-12:30

Casa de luz, Austin 

(and Join us for an afternoon  at Barton Springs)

Special Guest Brittany Taylor

Can't make it in person for the workshops? We've got you covered...