Marty’s Story – Depression | Body Transformation | Dismantling Jealousy & Partnership | Episode 4

In this episode of Amory, I’m so excited to “interview” Marty. We’ve been married 15 years and have lived through a lot together. We touch on quite a few subjects here:  Why intention is so important if you are thinking about opening up your relationship Marty’s history- his decision to quit drinking, identity crisis and depression  Marty’s body transformation…from hating his body to loving his body, advice for anyone who might be struggling around body issues, or has a partner with same struggle The importance of seeing your partner with new eyes & courting your long-time partner anew How to begin dismantling jealousy And….. Marty confronts me on my biggest insecurity 

Resource referred to in the episode:  Link to Male Multiple Orgasms  

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