Polyamory in Times of Uncertainty | Episode 19

Ok, we’re not in the apocalypse…but these are some crazy times to be living through.  In this episode, Kyle talks through the decision of whether to stay with Megan and Marty in New Zealand, or to head back to the US to be with his family. We ask the question – Are people practicing polyamory more equipt in times of change? We also get into how to benefit in these quarantine times – find your Ikigai (purpose), create new grounding practices for your health (mental, emotional, physical), learn to cook…maybe naked.  (this was recorded on March 19th) Support Amory Podcast on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2nMOAWl Follow us Instagram! Amory | http://bit.ly/333GVBU Megan | http://bit.ly/338EOgg Marty | http://bit.ly/31TfUB7 Kyle | http://bit.ly/2IvkFZR