LOVE Expanded: New York Workshop

Are you feeling like there has to be more to this life? More love, more meaningful connections, and more engagement with the world? Are you feeling stuck or trapped in thoughts of being “good enough” or wondering if you are “loveable”?

Megan Bhatia (host of Amory podcast) in collaboration with #Open invite you to participate in a transformational workshop to accept yourself, connect with others and explore!


LOVE Expanded: New York Workshop


It's time to fully accept yourself, create the realtionships you desire and share your unique spark with the world!

You are invited to participate in a transformational workshop that incorporates facilitated conversation, deep introspection and sound healing.

 July 2nd

The Body Art Barn
Hudson Valley 

9:30-12:00 – Workshop 
12-1pm – Lunch will be provided
1-2pm – Sound Healing session 
2-3pm – Informal Wrap up, Q & A

 Special Guests 

Joli & Ken Hamilton

“I’ve combined decades of lived experience with three psychology degrees, a sexuality certificate, and making jealousy my primary academic research topic.”    – Joli 
Joli’s TEDx Talk –  Compersion: The Opposite of Jealousy


Stephen Earnhart


“With Sound Healing, we use a variety of instruments to create sacred vibrations that naturally bring the body back into its natural resonance.”

 Megan Bhatia

I love being able to support people to step out into the unknown…to create the unseen options that are just waiting to be expressed through you! 

This is the skill set of the future. This is what we will need to practice, and then master, as humanity. We will need NEW possibilities, not just the same binary options we’ve convinced ourselves is “reality”. 


When you do the inner work of healing, you are being the change in the world that will ripple out larger than you can imagine! I am so excited to meet you soon! 


If you are looking to connect with more incredible humans, #open is the place to begin! 

LOVE EXPANDED is presented to you in collaboration with #open