Secure Attachment Practices

Anxious? Avoidant? Disorganized? You can see your behaviors when you are feeling insecure, but what will REALLY help you is knowing your unique ways to create SECURE attachments!

Join Kyle and Megan on a 6-week small group program on attachment, with a focus on building awareness and building habits that will create more security and grounded foundation in your life.

– 6 weeks of calls (90 minutes on Wednesdays 12-1:30 MT starting July 26th)
– One 1-on-1 call with Megan or Kyle
– WhatsApp group to keep the conversation going throughout the week
– Resources to support you on the journey (readings, audios, etc)


Secure Attachment Practices


We all want the short-cuts to feeling secure and safe, don’t we??? LOL, well that’s human. 

We are wired for connection and to seek safety, and that can be difficult sometimes, but not impossible! 

You CAN create secure attachment, with yourself and others, AND it requires awareness, attention and most of all…PRACTICE! 

We all can practice secure attachment, regardless of our tendencies when we feel insecure. The trick is to notice when you are avoidant or controlling and to come back to your secure attachment practices. But…what if you don’t know your practices?

That is why Kyle and Megan are hosting a 6 week small group program to PRACTICE Secure Attachment.

Beyond the theory of attachment, you will be invited to…

– Become aware of the secure attachment practices that you already have

– Identify what you need (physically, mentally, emotionally) in your relationship(s) & what activities and practices meet those needs

– Practice these things on a regular basis, with accountability and support

The full 6 week group program includes:

– Weekly 90 minute group meetings with Megan & Kyle

– 1 One-on-one call during the program with either Megan or Kyle – WhatsApp group for on-going conversation and support

– Access to resources for secure attachment with self and others

Let’s explore some myths of relationships…

MYTH: Withholding information that could cause your partner pain is better for the relationship: 

Secure Attachment Practice: Sharing information in a compassionate way, even if it causes pain, will allow for a more authentic self and a more solid connection.

 If you’re securely attached, you don’t feel pain, hurt, sadness or anger

Secure Attachment Practice: You allow yourself and your partner(s) to feel the feelings without the need to control or avoid what is being felt.

Once you are securely attached, you will remain so.

Secure attachment Practice: You know how to get yourself back to feeling connected to your partner(s) after attachment rupture.

MYTH: If you are categorized as Anxious, Avoidant or Disorganized, you have no ability for secure attachment.

Secure Attachment Practice: You understand your own behavior and can identify when you are feeling insecure.  You are compassionate with yourself (no blame) and you come back to your practices and do them daily/weekly. 

MYTH: Secure attachment is impossible when practicing polyamory, or when single and dating. 

Secure Attachment Practice: You may be more conscious of your attachment style when practicing polyamory or when not currently in a relationship, so it may feel like you are less secure. In actuality, you are exposing places within yourself or your relationships where you have insecure attachment. These are moments to deepen your secure attachment practices as you accept the gift of your present relationship structure!