Self Love Journey – 6 Month Group Course

Do you keep repeating dysfunctional patterns in relationships? Have you felt overwhelming feelings of love and connection, only to “lose” it days or weeks later? Are you looking for more meaning and purpose in your life but don’t know where to start?

Start with loving YOU! It IS possible to have a secure, loving relationship with yourself. The 6 month Self-Love Journey will be your “line in the sand” – where you measure you life before/after.

Course includes:
– Bi-weekly 90 minute group calls for 6 months
– Access to the online Self-Love Journey with hours of recorded content
– WhatsApp group for on-going conversation throughout the course
– A monthly personal one-on-one 60 minute coaching call!!

Next group begins in April! Space is limited!

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Self Love Journey – 6 Month Group Course

Self-Love is a set of daily practices that empower you to care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 



 Self-Love is a different skill set than the one you learned in school. 


The old model required you to give up your personal power and truth to satisfy those around you. 


You may have betrayed yourself in order to belong, or feel loved.


That is no longer the only choice.

The Self-Love Practices you will learn in our journey…

However, this is NOT an easy journey. 

It will require you to…

– dig deep

– step into shadows of the self 

– allow for the entire range of emotions 

– see & own the patterns you’ve created in your life

– release the judgement against yourself that have blocked the experience of love.


Your day-to-day life is the backdrop of the 6 month course, so you’ll be able to practice self-love and your life will start to shift in amazing and unexpected ways. 

Just be willing to show up every week, no matter how you feel or what’s going on. 

You will experience how it’s all working for you…everything in your life can be a catalyst towards more self-love!


The Self Love Journey is open to all…ANY gender, ANY relationship structure, ANY human being, anywhere in the world!! 

During the Self-Love Journey, you will focus on…

What are you feeling? Why? What is the root? You will learn how to use your emotions as guideposts instead of judging how you feel. A lot of your past still lives in your body…there are techniques and healing practices to get yourself into present and let go of the past.

This is critical to developing self-awareness and self-acceptance, and yet we are not practiced in this area. You’ll learn how to translate your bodily sensations and emotions into information that you can take action on. 

Do you have a tendency to avoid, or overly control, situations when you get afraid? You will learn techniques to have a secure relationship with yourself so you don’t have to avoid or control yourself or others. 

You will learn to use the power of narrative to move you through your transformation, and understand how your past and future can change as we shift your narrative in the present moment. 

We all use power and give power every day. Are you making conscious decisions to where it’s going? You’ll learn how to empower yourself more using loving boundaries and the Karpman’s Drama Triangle framework.

Creating A Safe Environment

I will be honest – the content of our calls is great, but what REALLY makes the group incredible is YOU!!!! What each one of you will bring to the group is SO VALUABLE. So, creating a SAFE group is SUPER important to allow each one of you to share your most vulnerable and truest selves. So, here’s what I’m thinking about for some social norms of interaction in our group.

  • Room for All Emotions

    No need to hide any emotions. What you feel is what you feel. I believe that if we allow ourselves to feel the “negative” emotions, the quicker we can let them pass and learn from them. No avoiding or blocking things because you feel pressure to be only “positive”.

  • About Judgment

    Where we judge others is where we judge ourselves. If you find yourself judging others, bring that back to yourself with some curiosity. We are on a voyage of self-love and seeing where we judge others is a clue on where we have our own inner work to do to love invalidated parts of ourselves. We can be beautiful mirrors for growth if we allow for it!

  • Handling Challenges

    I will be holding space for you to heal yourself. That being said, sometimes that can feel challenging because I'm not "doing it for you." If you find any tension with me, please let me know directly! I believe that there are always possibilities and healing available whatever challenge we’re experiencing.

How It Works

Group calls

Bi-weekly 90 minute group calls for discussion of topics & in the moment coaching. 

WhatsApp group

We will keep the conversation going throughout the weeks and months - sharing insights, asking questions & supporting each other. 

Online course

You will have full access to the Self-Love online course as the backbone to the content. You will be asked to engage in one section each week online, so that the group calls can be focused on deepening the learning through discussion. 

Weekly action

Depending on the week, either you will select an action of your choice, or you will be asked to complete a certain action based on the topic of the upcoming week. It’s important to be in action in our lives in order for us to develop new habits and to make important changes in our lives! 


You have the option to add one-on-one calls for additional support as needed. A combination of group work and one-on-one support calls can catalyze the growth you are seeking! 

What previous self-love journey members shared about their experience…


Exactly what I needed

“The self-love journey was exactly what I needed. I found so much growth by setting a weekly intention in my thoughts and actions. I also found that coming together in the group to share my thoughts & experiences with other people was the support and connection that I was desperately needing. Participating in this group was an act of self-love. I leaned in to knowing myself more fully. The positive shockwaves of participating in this group were felt by more than just myself. My family, my partners, my friends; we all benefited from the conversations that were sparked. I am so grateful to Megan and the people I shared this experience with. I will forever feel connected to them by our growth.” 

I said YES to myself!!! 

“If there is any little piece of your heart that yearns to open up to community, to being seen and held and heart – sign up! I’m changed because of the space that Megan was able to create and the room she gave each of us in the group. The stories I hold myself about myself, about others and how they perceived me, about what’s possible in my life are melting away with the warmth of my soul expanding. I cannot overstate the power of the simple action of saying “YES” to yourself, to your life, to who only you know you really are!”

Transforming through a Loving Journey

“I had absolutely no idea what a profound transition this journey would enable me to do. I’ve been overwhelmed by the way the undercurrents of my love relationship with myself and others have been released through reflection, understanding and creating within this amazing framework of a Loving Journey in every sense of the word. I am in awe of Megan, the other participants, and of myself. I simply cannot recommend this journey strong enough…when you’re ready!”

A Powerful Community

“I cannot recommend this course enough! Megan is such a strong facilitator, and the community she helped us build together was life-changing, no exaggeration!”

Ripples of Love

“This course is well-structured, and Megan is a great facilitator. Hearing others’ stories and struggles and supporting them—and receiving support for yours in turn—really makes the experience more potent!  At the end of this course, I was able to be more present with my body and my emotions, and had a framework for meeting myself where I am with decreased judgement, increased acceptance, AND increased accountability. I have no doubt that these effects will ripple into my relationships and life goals, for the better. I’m glad I did it.”

Energy Exchange (Payment) 

You can pay for the 6 month Self-Love Journey in one lump sum, or in monthly payments. 

My intention is that this journey ADDS so much value that you have more possibility, more love and more energy for everything else as well! This is not an either-or debate. This is a “stand for a possibility” for yourself, from which everything else springs. You are the source:) You are powerful beyond measure. I am beyond excited for this journey with you. I can’t wait to get to know you all, and see what we can do together! 

With my deepest gratitude and love,