Self Love Journey - 8 Week Group Course

Ready for a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself? Ready to recreate the relationship you have with your body, heart, mind and spirit?

Next next 8-week group journey will begin on Tuesday Novemver 22nd and continue for 7 following Tuesdays, ending January 10th.

Group call time: 12-1:30pm central time



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Self Love Journey - 8 Week Group Course

The Self Love Journey is open to all…ANY gender, ANY relationship structure, ANY human being, anywhere in the world!! 

By each of us taking responsibility for our own journey of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-care, we are leveling up in the collective as well. Our 8 weeks together will provide you the opportunity to practice self-love through your body, heart, mind and spirit. Plus, there is something so powerful about learning with a small community…the learning is accelerated, as you are held in a safe space with people from around the world who are on a similar path!

However, this is NOT an easy journey. It’s only for those of you who are willing to dig deep, step into shadows of the self, allow for the entire range of emotions, see & own the patterns you’ve created in your life, and release the judgements against yourself that have blocked the experience of love.

Your day to day life is the backdrop of the 8 week course, so you’ll be able to practice self-love and your life will start to shift in amazing and unexpected ways. Just be willing to show up every week, no matter how you feel or what’s going on. You will experience how it’s all working for you…everything in your life can be a catalyst towards more self-love, with the new tools we discover together!

Registration in this 8 week group experience will also give you free access to the online course so you can continue and come back to your learnings well after the official program has ended.

We will work through your relationship with your body, heart, mind and spirit over the 8 weeks. 

Emotional & Body Awareness

What are we feeling? Why? What is the root? Using our emotions as guideposts instead of judging how we feel. A lot of our past still lives in our body…there are techniques and healing practices we can do to get ourselves more present and let go of the past

Understanding Your Needs & Wants

This is critical to developing self-awareness and self-acceptance, and yet we are not practiced in this area. You’ll learn how to translate your bodily sensations and emotions into information that you can take action on. 

Attachment Theory & Self-Care

We will be looking into Attachment Theory and discussing our own attachment types, as well as using self-care practices mentioned throughout the journey. 

Beliefs & Stories

Using the power of narrative to move us through our transformation, and understanding how our past and future can change as we shift ourselves in the present moment. 

Power Dynamics & Boundaries

We all use power and give power every day. Are you making conscious decisions to where it’s going? We’ll discuss how to empower yourself more using boundaries and the framework of Karpman’s Drama Triangle


Creating A Safe Environment

I will be honest – the content of our calls is great, but what REALLY makes the group incredible is YOU!!!! What each one of you will bring to the group is SO VALUABLE. So, creating a SAFE group is SUPER important to allow each one of you to share your most vulnerable and truest selves. So, here’s what I’m thinking about for some social norms of interaction in our group.

How It Works

P.S. Here is what some previous self-love journey members shared about their experience:

Exactly what I needed

“The 8 week self-love journey was exactly what I needed. I found so much growth by setting a weekly intention in my thoughts and actions. I also found that coming together weekly to share my thoughts & experiences with other people was the support and connection that I was desperately needing. Participating in this group was an act of self-love. I leaned in to knowing myself more fully. The positive shockwaves of participating in this group were felt by more than just myself. My family, my partners, my metamour; we all benefited from the conversations that were sparked. I am so grateful to Megan and the women I shared this experience with. I will forever feel connected to them by our growth.” 

I said YES to myself!!! 

“If there is any little piece of your heart that yearns to open up to community, to being seen and held and heart – sign up! I’m changed because of the space that Megan was able to create and the room she gave each of us in the group. The stories I hold myself about myself, about others and how they perceived me, about what’s possible in my life are melting away with the warmth of my soul expanding. I cannot overstate the power of the simple action of saying “YES” to yourself, to your life, to who only you know you really are!”

Transforming through a Loving Journey

“I had absolutely no idea what a profound transition this journey would enable me to do. I’ve been overwhelmed by the way the undercurrents of my love relationship with myself and others have been released through reflection, understanding and creating within this amazing framework of a Loving Journey in every sense of the word. I am in awe of Megan, the other participants, and of myself. I simply cannot recommend this journey strong enough…when you’re ready!”

A Powerful Community

“I cannot recommend this course enough! Megan is such a strong facilitator, and the community she helped us build together was life-changing, no exaggeration!”

A Short but Powerful 8 Weeks

“I will be forever grateful to Megan and the lovely group I met on the Self Love Journey. It gave me a map and a safe space to explore and discover parts of myself. The 8 weeks does seem that long but the transformation and the community built was and still is powerful!”

Energy Exchange (Payment) 

The 8 week Self-Love Journey is $600.  If you are not using US currency, please message me and let’s see if we can find a payment that works. I also offer 1 scholarship option at half-price to one member each Self-Love Journey. Please reach out to me directly to see if that has already been filled ( 

My intention is that this journey ADDS so much value that you have more possibility, more love and more energy for everything else as well! This is not an either-or debate. This is a “stand for a possibility” for yourself, from which everything else springs. You are the source:) You are powerful beyond measure. I am beyond excited for this journey with you. I can’t wait to get to know you all, and see what we can do together! 

With my deepest gratitude and love,