The Conversation

Are you looking for community, others who are on a similiar journey and want to connect? Are you desiring a safe place to share your experiences, and learn from others through their stories or resources? That’s The Conversation!

We engage weekly (WhatsApp/Zoom) in topics such as:
– Open Relationships
– Self-Love
– Creating a Life you love…and more!

By joining The Conversation you’ll be meeting people around the world with similar values, creating a vision of what’s possible, AND practicing new ways to be and relate in a supportive community.


The Conversation

You have probably already experienced that shifting in relationships and life in general can take time, practice, support, and perseverance. Even more so if you’re trying to live a life that most will tell you is impossible…like an open relationship and living a life you love!!!

So, having contact with people who understand and support you, who are also on a similar path finding their own way to do it is so important! After all, we are the combination of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

After testing out a LOT of different formats to catalyze and support personal transformation, I think I’m finally on to something…it’s The Conversation!  Current participants describe it as “Not therapy, but more structured than friendship” and “a co-creative podcast” because of the audio messages that are shared between group members.

Here’s how it works:

I send our private WhatsApp Group weekly podcast-style 10-20 minute audio message with an inquiry and thoughts on different topics related to relationships (with self and others), love, life and so much more! The Conversation members are invited to respond in text, audio or video if they’d like. We end up creating a beautiful flow of information, quesitons, sharing resources.

You are also invited to join for the group calls to engage in a virtual, live conversation to expand out on the topics. You will leave feeling connected to beautiful humans from around the world! (South Africa, Canada, US, United Arab Emerates, New Zealand, Germany, Costa Rica to name a few!)

Upcoming topics:  

  • Week of May 2nd – Feminine Sexuality and Sensuality  
  • Week of May 9th – Polysecure by Jessica Fern (book club style conversation)
  • Week of May 16th – What topic do YOU want to discuss? 

Past topics: 
– The Importance of Unlearning: In Polyamory and Beyond
– Sitting with Uncertainty: Building this Master Skill
– Shadow Selves: How to Embrace all of Yourself
– Preparation, Journey, Integration: Applying a psychedelic processing framework to polyamory
– Long distance partnerships: From Surviving to Thriving

Engage at the level that fits for you:

– $25/month – WhatsApp Group – weekly messages from me, interaction with the group members via messaging

– $50/month – Access to 1 live group zoom call per month in addition to WhatsApp group

– $100/month – Access to weekly live group zoom calls (4 per month) in addition to Whatsapp group


Weekly Group Zoom call – Tuesdays at 11am CST

Discount on future Amory Retreats!!!! 

I’m organizing 4 retreats during the year (two in Costa Rica and two in the US…for now). I will make it as affordable as possible by giving you a discount of 50% of your monthly payment towards the retreat.

For example: You join ‘The Conversation’ in February at the $100/month level and you want to attend the Costa Rica retreat in September. You will have earned a credit of $400 ($50x 8 months) to take off the cost of the retreat!!!!! The more you show up for yourself throughout the year, the lower the cost of any retreat!!!!

Here are my thoughts (Note: retreats will get scheduled based on the availability of the participants in The Conversation)

– Austin, TX – Last weekend in July (still TBD)
– Costa Rica – November 10th – 15th
– California – mid-December

I want to meet you in person, see you all interact and share your gifts with each other, and to explore beautiful places together!  I want to build a solid, loving community of people from all over the world who are living by their own rules.

Is this you? Join The Conversation!