Transforming Jealousy

Struggling with feelings of jealousy? It’s ok, you’re not alone! And…you have the power to alchemize those feelings into fuel for your personal growth!

Transform your jealousy (in any relationship structure or context) with the dozens of unique audio recordings, writtings, practices, and additional resources contained in this online course. 




Transforming Jealousy


Are you struggling with feelings of jealousy? Does your body get hijacked? Does your mind get stuck on thoughts that seem to magnify the feelings in your body?

Jealousy can feel overwhelming to experience in both your body and your mind. It can even cause you to react in ways that destroy important relationships. And, it affect all relationships in our lives, with family members, co-workers, friends, and especially intimate relatioships.

And, jealousy can also be a gift if we have the tools to translate it. When feelings of jealousy arise, you are shown your specific insecurities and fears that are under the surface. When you transform your relationship to the feelings of jealousy, you allow it to be a powerful fuel for your personal growth and development.

When you say yes to Transforming Jealousy you…

  • Learn to interpret your jealousy into unmet needs and wants
  • Empower and value yourself enough to meet your own needs and/or request those needs be met in your relationships
  • Heal old wounds and trauma that you’ve been carrying around for years
  • Transform codependent relationships into secure, loving relationships
  • Form a secure relationship with yourself that can impact ALL areas of your life
  • Create a healthy relationship with your fears – fear of loss, fear of the unknown and fear of yourself

What can you expect in this course? You can expect to find the same raw vulnerable sharing that you’ve experienced listening to our podcasts. Over the course of one year, we documented the fears, the waves of insecurity, awareness of our attachment styles, understanding our needs and wants, and the empowered actions to become more secure and loving humans. We’re actually STILL adding to this course as we find areas of our own growth, and love adding additional voices from our Amory community. We aim to share our experiences, not to tell you what to do. Your journey is your own

Curious about the content?  You can see an outline of the entire course – be sure to “expand all” so you can see the subtopics. Throughout this program, we offer many audio recordings only included in this course, our own journal entries, additional resources from people who have influenced us, reflection questions and exercises that we found helpful in our own journey. We invite you to go through the content with your partner(s), listen to the recordings together and pause for conversation on the topic. Consider us like friends who are willing to start the conversation you want to have, but just don’t know how. 

BONUS! You’ll have the opportunity to interact with us, and others on a similiar journey of transforming jealousy, through a group discussion on Telegram (you receive the link once you register for the course). We will share recordings from the course here as well, so you don’t always have to log back into the online program. We know, life gets busy and we can lose focus despite our best attempts to remember to log back into a course!!!

Congratulations for making it this far! We see you! You are allowing yourself to believe in the possibility that you don’t have to live with paralyzing feelings of jealousy. There are gifts of freedom, security, awareness and personal power that await you on the other side of jealousy. Learning how to transform jealousy can positively impact not only your intimate relationships, but many other areas of your life because jealousy can be experienced in many different circumstances outside of our intimate relationships. 

By registering for this course, you are taking your growth into your own hands, and stepping into the feelings instead of away from them. That is personal empowerment, and we are so honored to be a part of this journey with you.

“I’m a few days out of finishing the Transforming Jealousy course and there are so many things that have stuck with me. It helped me to see not only how I have been expressing and dealing with jealousy, but also how my partner(s) may be feeling as well. I have never listened to something and audibly yelled “YES” so many times. Being able to work through this at my own speed allowed me to dig a little deeper too. I could spend time where I needed it most and I know for sure I will be re-journaling about some of the questions posed. Just a huge thank you to Megan, Marty, and Kyle for sharing their experiences to light the way through some heavy stuff.” – Sarah L