Public Service Announcement | Stop & Repair Clause (ad free BONUS Episode)

This short podcast is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for our community. It’s inspired by a conversation Marty has had with a member of another polycule that is very close to ours.  This is about a clause in Megan & Marty’s relationship agreement that has helped them successfully navigate opening their relationship. It now includes Kyle and Marty’s partner as they have grown to a loving polycule and metamors are included.

It’s about what to do when one or more member of your relationship(s) is going through a crisis of the heart, or fear, or trauma, or anything that requires you all to remove the noise of too many variables hitting at once. It’s about getting to the core of the issue. It’s about owning your own shit, and being a support for one another’s growth. It’s not about being fair all the time. It’s about being the best versions of ourselves. It’s about leading life with love. It’s what Amory is all about. 

This episode is dedicated to those of you who need a little extra love right now. There are no ads. There are no calls to action. This is simply for us to be a source of love and support to our community. We love this community and have been given so much love and support it is our honor to have you listening. 


Megan, Marty, Kyle, and one more 🙂