Practice #1: Feel how you feel! 

Notice where you are taken out of your body, and into a story about the emotion you are feeling. That is your relationship to the emotion. We’ll work more on that in the mind section, so for now, just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. 

Recent studies are showing that any particular “feeling” may last up to 90 seconds in your body. You CAN be with any feeling for 90 seconds. It may come again, in waves, but it won’t last forever. 

This is a muscle, and you will get stronger the more you let yourself feel your feelings. 

Practice #2: Get curious and ask yourself some questions: 

What information is this feeling bringing to me? What might it be telling me that I need or want? 

Translating your physical sensations into feelings, and from that into needs/wants is a skill set. You can learn it! 

If you are looking for support in this area, considering joining the next 6 month Self-Love Journey group. 

You will receive guidance, support and loving encouragement along with others who are building the same skills.