Practice # 1: Have the belief that you are capable of feeling what you feel. 

Practice #2: Understanding and meeting your needs/wants
– Ask yourself: “What is it that I might need or want in this moment?” 
– Determine if there is a need for a certain feeling or state of being, or any specific logistical need. 
– Ask yourself: “Can I meet this need for myself, right now, even if in a small way?”

Note: Watch for future-projecting, that will be a clue to what you might need or want in that moment. 


Understanding your needs and wants can be a very challenging undertaking. 

If you don’t feel safe needing or wanting, you might find yourself being avoidant or controlling (of yourself or others). 

You CAN create a healthier, safer relationship to your needs/wants, and it may take a little extra support.