What Amory is to Marty – Short Episode | Episode 10

In this Amory short episode, Marty shares vulnerably about what Amory means to him. It is the birthing of a conversation he finds worthy in this world – daring to love openly & vulnerably, transformation through buringing our maps and honing our inner compass,  learning to create from a place of safety instead of fear, and finding flow in our days. He also shares that he has felt like a ghost, with his partner(s) not being “out” in the world and needing to hide the relationship. It’s a raw, passionate and open share that will surely empower you! 

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If you want more of Megan & Marty’s travel adventures, check out Megan’s YouTube channel as well! There’s more videos each week as Marty (the tech guy) finally gets their channel set up. See what it’s like for them as they sold everything to become minimalists, and set off to wander the world with their twins and four suitcases worth of stuff to their name.