What Amory Is to Megan – Short Episode | Episode 8

After launching Amory and 7 raw episodes, we thought it was a good time to for each of us to talk about why we are committed to Amory. Megan goes first in this short solo episode. As she recorded this she was sitting in an AirBnB with Kyle in the Netherlands. Marty is in Belgium with the kids. The world they live in could have never been predicted by any of them.  But, if anything it shows their commitment to love is powerful, well…you’ll just have to listen to find out. She shares her vision of a world where we prioritize relationships, parenting, learning and love. Can you imagine this world? 

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If you want more of Megan & Marty’s travel adventures, check out Megan’s YouTube channel as well! There’s more videos each week as Marty (the tech guy) finally gets their channel set up. See what it’s like for them as they sold everything to become minimalists, and set off to wander the world with their twins and four suitcases worth of stuff to their name.