What is Energetic Freedom? | Episode 20

In this episode of Amory, Kyle shares his ideas about energetic freedom, chosing himself, all arising from his decision to stay in New Zealand. As usual, we find overlaps with our current life lessons, and Marty takes the opportunity wrap Kyle’s decision around his Ikigai (life purpose). We also use Karpman’s Drama Triangle (Victim, Persecutor & Rescuer), and learn how to move beyond it to a healthy version to an Empowerment Triangle (Survivor/Creator, Coach, Challenger). Megan shares her insight about being her own persecutor, which had kept her in victim mode…but no longer! 

Resources Mentioned:

– Kyle’s Medium article “How do we Create Energetic Freedom
– Karpman’s Drama Triangle – 5 minute informational video
– Ikigai article

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